SAFE Life-Skill Education Program: The objective of this program is to educate, empower, and engage our youth and parents within the community by teaching them situation specific skills and strategies, while addressing values and issues relevant to decisions being made about drugs, alcohol, and similar issues like, mental health, behavioral development, and social pressures.

SAFE Mentors will facilitate the curriculum through in-class sessions including, but not limited to group activities, worksheet and video production, professional speaker appearances (doctors, pharmacists, social workers, addiction specialist, etc.) and many more interactive activities. The drug and alcohol epidemic is plaguing our communities and doing so rapidly. The SAFE Life-Skill Education Program aims to empower our schools with the necessary resources to ensure people are knowledgeable and armed with the intellect to handle such situations. In return, this will allow us to continue to uphold our mission of providing a SAFE and drug-free community.