Due to illicit drug use, community members will end up in the criminal justice system. Offenders who commit non-violent offenses are eligible for court diversion through the SAFE Second Chance Program.

This community-based intervention helps community members develop real life skills and reintegrate back into society as a functional member.

Services offered:

  • On site peer recovery consultations.
  • Offender screening and assessment of risks, needs, and responsiveness.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation services. Judicial interaction.
  • Monitoring (e.g., drug testing) and supervision.
  • Graduated sanctions and incentives.
  • Relapse Prevention, Aftercare and Community Integration.

    Our philosophy: Our philosophy is to support, advocate and offer treatment to individuals that come through the legal system. The Second Chance program aims to be an alternative to incarceration. Diversion program that target criminal defendants and offenders.